Pole Dance Teacher Training

Stop just teaching pole dancing lessons and start providing pole experiences.

Our training focuses on student-lead experience, using the apparatus of pole to inspire, transform and encourage individual and community growth.

We believe that pole dance is so much more than a fitness class, so our instructors deserve so much more than a fitness certification. 

Pole dance shouldn’t be treated like any other fitness pursuit, and should not be marketed like any other fitness class. In fact, you already know just how special pole dancing is

It has incredible transformative qualities that helps people of all ages, genders and body types to discover self-empowerment,  inner sensuality, and the part of themselves that is confident, positive and strong.

Time to shake things up, time to revolutionise how we teach pole.

Pole Instructors

Teach more than just pole fitness


  • Lesson planning more efficiently and creatively
  • Knowing the best techniques to make learning pole as fun, rewarding and positive as possible
  • Developing the skills required to inspire and retain happy students who are motivated to continue

We believe that pole dance shouldn't be treated the same as every other fitness certification, because essentially, it isn't!

Pole Studio Owners

Work to live, not live to work


  • Making more money from a studio that you feel confident running
  • Having a clear business direction, knowing how your studio will be developing over the next 12 months.
  • Dealing with happier, more easy-going students
  • Managing a great team of motivated instructors

Plus doing all of the above whilst knowing you are equipped to provide the very best classes and instruction.