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Have you always admired how self-assured some people seem to be?

Envied that sense of strength and confidence that seems to ooze out of their pores like it is just innate to their being?

Wanted a piece of that self-love action but felt it wasn’t for you?

If you can picture for a moment... you in 1 year’s time. You are looking more confident. You're standing a little bit taller, your shoulders open, a smile on your face. 

Perhaps you’re wearing an outfit you never would have thought you would have the guts to wear?

Maybe you’re in a new job, one you were never brave enough to apply for?

Maybe you’re chatting to people, looking them in the eye and asserting yourself?

Maybe you’re addressing a room and speaking about something you’re passionate about?

Maybe you are standing up for yourself when people try to criticise or shame you?

Maybe you have started a hobby you were always too nervous to try?

Whatever you are doing, you are doing it because it feels right for you. It is you - empowered to become the person you want to be, with no shame or excuses. 

Online Self-Confidence Course

In this video course Peach Lee Ray delivers her popular Killer Confidence workshop in her trademark humorous, down-to-earth motivational style. 

In the words of one of her students - ‘The thing I loved about your confidence class was that it felt like I wasn't just watching someone giving a confidence talk, it was like talking to one of your friends. It was your calm tone and energy, your personality showed and that's what I love.’ 

Peach isn’t going to lecture you about how you just need to ‘smile more and just believe in yourself!’. She knows you’ve heard enough of that to last a lifetime. 

 First you will go through the theory of how as individuals we develop low self-confidence, from the developmental stages as children, through to our experience as adults. We will discuss how these experiences shape us on a deep level, programming us to lose our self-confidence. 

Then, you are guided through practical techniques, guidance, and motivational asides to help give you a sense of direction and control in your confidence journey. Practicality is always a foundation stone in Peach’s work, and she wants everyone she works with to go away with something they can apply to their life immediately. 

There is more packed into this online course than could ever be delivered in a single workshop or 1-2-1 coaching session (Peach always wanted to provide more information than time would allow). Now, these online classes mean we can be extra generous with our information, and you can access more resources to help you reach your confidence and self-love goals. 

What You Get

  • 2.5 hours video content 
  • PDF Worksheets 
  • 2x Guided Meditation MP3 Audios 
  • Lifetime access (including updates)

What is a Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is a powerful tool to boost your confidence, and help you to reach your goals. Peach wanted to ensure that you go away from this course with tools that you can use regularly in your everyday life. So, she has recorded two powerful guided meditation audio tracks that you can use at home. 

Track 1: Authentically You 

In the ‘Authentically You’ MP3, Peach guides you through a meaningful meditation exercise to help you discover the type of confidence you want to develop. 

This track is done as part of your course, to help you complete the ‘Authentically You’ exercise. However, it can also be done ongoing as a way to reaffirm and support a stronger sense of self in your daily life.

Track 2: The Magic Locket – Confidence Booster 

In the ‘Confidence Booster’ MP3, Peach uses the power of your imagination to help you to create a potent talisman for your self-confidence journey. 

This track takes you through a guided visualisation to anchor and embed positive and confident feelings, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to kick ass! 

 We are so excited to see how you progress in your confidence journey. 

Now, let’s slay!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introducing Confidence

    • Introduction

    • What Is Self Confidence?

    • Born Confident

  • 2

    Subconscious Programming

    • Conscious and Subconscious

    • Anti-Confidence Belief Systems

    • Aligning Your Conscious and Subconscious

  • 3

    Make it Personal

    • Authentically You

    • Authentically You Worksheet

    • Confidence Is...

  • 4

    A Fresh Perspective

    • Confidence is a Journey

    • Reframing Humility

    • More Than Beautiful

  • 5

    Positive Mindset

    • Becoming Wonder Woman

    • Affirmations - Part 1

    • Affirmations - Part 2

    • Caring vs Worrying

    • Developing Self Approval

    • Positivity Journal

  • 6

    Overcoming Negative Thought Patterns

    • Negative Thought Patterns

    • Black and White Thinking

    • Catastrophic Thinking

    • Mind Reading

    • Projection

    • Mindfulness

    • Meditation

  • 7

    Your Self-Confidence Journey

    • Planning Your Self Confidence Journey

    • SMART Goals

    • Final Words