Online Confidence Course

3 Reasons to Take an Online Confidence Course

Have you been wondering whether an online confidence course can really be as effective as something face-to-face?

In this article we discuss the benefits of an online confidence course, and why this course format can be particularly beneficial to your confidence journey. 

Improves Long-term Retention

I’ve done many workshops, seminars and talks where I have been scrambling to write down the information in a notebook as quickly as they are speaking it. Or, worse still, I didn’t take a note book at all, and now it’s 5 hours later and I am trying to pick my brain to remember what they said. 

Our memory can really fail us in these instances, and being able to revisit materials as part of your confidence course is one of the great benefits of completing it online. 

Being able to revisit videos that were particularly inspiring or motivational for you can mean that the lessons learned the first time do not get lost. You are able to remind yourself of the important, empowering confidence tips and tricks that are going to maximise your progress, and help you reach your goals. With each rewatch you will be able to remember the information more easily, and recall the insightful messages long after. 

When I take online courses, I enjoy being able to rewind and re-watch sections that I find particularly useful. Not only that, but with each re-watch I am able to make new connections, find new meaning, and learn new lessons, as I interpret the information in different ways. 

Over time, your attitudes towards yourself and your level of confidence will change. By being able to re-watch the course videos, you will have the opportunity to reevaluate them according to your changing self-perception and circumstances. 

Watching the ‘Reframing Humility’ video for example may have new resonance in a year's time, or perhaps the information on ‘Affirmations’ will become relevant once more for a future goal, career change, or personal endeavor. 

Allows Us to Deeply Understand 

Learning experts believe that the best way to learn is not by cramming lots of information in all at once. In fact, taking small amounts of information on board, little and often, is far more effective for our long-term understanding of that information. 

When we are overwhelmed with content in too short a space of time, we may struggle to remember or comprehend this information as your brain attempts to filter what is ‘essential’. If we want to be able to get the most out of a course, it is very beneficial to be able to take it at our own pace. 

In this confidence course, each section of learning is broken down into short 3-10 minute videos, allowing you to watch, process the information, and achieve a deeper, authentic understanding of its lessons. 

Whilst face-to-face workshops give you the benefit personalised questions and tailoring the information to you, they are not able to provide you with this ability to revisit information and take it in through small chunks. 

So, in certain ways an online confidence course can be even more effective than its face-to-face counterpart if you are looking to profoundly absorb the knowledge over time. 

Gives You Great Value for Money

Our online confidence course is able to offer you more because we are not constrained by time limits. As such we have been able to offer you more videos, to cover more topics, than face-to-face workshops can allow. 

Not only that, but it has more worksheets for you to complete, and 2 guided meditation audios for you to use on-going as you improve your self-confidence. Weve been able to offer you so much in this course, and we are so excited to see how you use these tools to boost your self-confidence/

Online courses are therefore great value for money. If you are looking for a course the gives you flexibility, a wealth of information, and great additional resources, then an online confidence course is the perfect solution for your needs. 

If you are looking to develop your self-confidence and become stronger as an individual, our online confidence course is a great resource. 

Killer Confidence: Slay the Self-Love Game has over 2.5 hours of video content, worksheets for you to download and keep, and guided meditation audios to support your progress. 

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